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Our new Macquarie Street Office

Take a look at our new office as of June 2016! We are now located at:   Suite i, 24 Macquarie Street Teneriffe, QLD, 4005 Australia   And our new number is now (07) 3254 1911   Come by and talk to us about how we can help Evolve your business creative strategies today.

Rebranding: When is it time?

Facebook’s new logo last week is a timely reminder that brands grow and change over time and that our logos should reflect that change. For Facebook, it wasn’t a huge change. In fact, most people won’t even notice it. The “a” has changed and the new font is slightly slimmer. Josh Higgins, Facebook’s creative director,… Read more »

What Does Your Brand Say About Your Business?

In this current volatile business environment, many companies lose sight of one of their greatest assets, their brand.  It’s easy to do.  Most of us are consumed with the day to day activities of the business and don’t really think about our brand. Often times, businesses create a logo and put it on everything and… Read more »