Online commerce is so much more than shopping

The current global context has made us all adapt. So when COVID-19 caused one of our longstanding B2B clients to take their educational environmental workshops online, our team rose to the challenge.

When the global pandemic halted our client’s plans to deliver in-person educational workshops to its community of government officials and council workers, Evolve worked with their team to adapt, pivot and connect in the digital world instead.

With our web and graphic designers, alongside the brand’s esteemed scientists and program founders, we designed an online space that replicated, and enhanced, the face to face learning experience. While you’ve likely heard of digital learning tools like Zoom, Coursera or Udemy, we created a custom platform that brought many high quality, information rich learning resources together in a convenient, aesthetically pleasing, optimised online space named an Online Learning Portal.

This portal features:

  • A password/username protected log in, and access controlled via the backend to securely provide and monitor tailored information to learners (based on their role, purpose and organisation)
  • Integrated Zoom call connectivity (easily set up a meeting via the toolbar)
  • A range of learning modules tailored to each program
  • Interactivity through forums, videos, forms, case studies and helpful links
  • Online-optimised downloadable resources including worksheets, booklets, excel documents and PDFs, so learners can save all their learning documents on their computer
  • Responsive forum and chat functions for specific groups and topics
  • Personalised and ‘real-time’ learning support via a contact form and live Q&A sessions
  • Lesson tracking and ‘submit’ functions, to track participants’ individual progress
  • Search function to enable quick access to learning tools
  • Optional feedback forms to ensure the ongoing optimisation and improvement of the platform
  • Modern, responsive, on-brand design for seamless learning on the go

Feedback from participants on Stage 1 has already indicated the platform’s positive impact, with one learner describing the resources provided as “fantastic” and the ability to save and edit their own copy of resources very helpful. Our client now has a series of online workshops that support their audience, mission and values through dynamic, responsive education.

As this stage marks the first of many, we’ll be working with our client to maximise the platform’s potential by streamlining the user-experience, adding new functionalities and improving education methods in line with user feedback. Excitingly, it’s a functionality that will now be implemented across our client’s suite of information-rich programs.

We’ve learnt lots of positive things from COVID-19, and one stand-out lesson is that learning can be enhanced, not inhibited, by digital connectivity. Together with our clients, we can facilitate community or internal communications using advanced technologies and deliver education in new and exciting ways that will maintain value now and into the future. Beyond  workshops and education, similar platforms could be custom-built for internal communications with HR or any external communication platforms. All we need is your goal, and we can brainstorm the right communication platform with the best suited functionalities. No project is too big or small, the importance is tailoring the platform to your unique business’s needs.

As we head into our ‘new normal’ and restrictions on gathering and events begin to ease, we’ve all become accustomed to the true flexibility of brands, their teams and their audience. We can take lessons online and deliver it to more people, instead of to a small classroom, we can deliver products and services via e-commerce instead of brick-and-mortar, we can develop resources tailored to the online experience to enrich our lives. At Evolve, we, like many businesses, have learnt that we now have far more opportunity and choice in the way we do our work, and we’re supporting our clients to maximise their potential, too.

Let’s discuss how this innovative new platform can be tailored to benefit your team or audience! Get in with us at or 07 3254 1911.