The goal

Extend Ausroad’s global reach as an Australian manufacturing, contracting and hiring company for open cut and drill and blast mines. Ausroad’s reliable range of stemming, contour and service trucks are built on the message that the company is the number one choice for global drill and blast companies, and unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and safety are the hallmarks of this home-grown brand.

Our approach

Deliver relevant, valuable, on-brand copy and creative to appeal to Ausroad’s key stakeholders – mining companies across Australia and the world. Using digital and traditional platforms, including the Mine Technology industry network, we continue to connect Ausroad with its most important stakeholders.

Over the past two years with Ausroad, Evolve has:

Continued to update the Ausroad website with relevant, high quality copy, images and videos to showcase the brand to the world

Written and designed on-brand articles, press-releases, white papers and brochures to highlight Ausroad’s key benefits

Maintained and grown Ausroad’s digital presence via digital platforms like Mine Technology

Liaised with key team members within the Ausroad group to ensure every piece of marketing collateral is on-brand, informative and accurate.

The result

Ausroad’s key message has been disseminated to key audiences across the world via digital and traditional platforms through dynamic and engaging copy and creative. It has been tailored to provide value to these stakeholders while ensuring Ausroad’s commitment to innovation, accuracy, efficiency and safety is front and centre.