Dose Innovations Branding

Professional Branding Strategy for an Innovative Company

In 2010, Evolve Marketing was approached by Dose Innovations to help them launch their highly innovative robotic dispensary business. Dose Innovations wanted to market these machines to pharmacy’s Australia wide, as well as supporting software and technology.

Evolve worked directly with the Marketing Manager and the Dose Innovation directors to facilitate a series of workshops and establish the properties that determined the branding strategy and position.

As a result, Evolve Marketing updated the Dose branding, developed and implemented the overall strategic direction, compiled the marketing plan and created a communications platform delivering a highly professional unified look.

The modern, leading-edge and futuristic look was translated across a range of market communications activities to ‘push’ the benefits of the machinery to the pharmaceutical market and a ‘pull’ strategy to stimulate end users’ awareness to create demand.

The new brand was successfully launched at the 2011 Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference with great response.

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