New Product Development

“Sure what we do has to make commercial sense, but it’s never the starting point. We start with the product and the user experience.” – Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Evolve Marketing has significant Australian and international experience in the field of new product development and intellectual property. Our experience ranges from consumer goods through to designing new B2B service delivery models.

We can provide strategies on each step of the new product development process or create an end-to-end solution. This includes:

  • Product due diligence – is the product viable?
  • Market research – how to best position your product, competitor evaluation, features/benefits
  • Pricing models including cost/benefit analysis and market pricing methodologies
  • Go to market strategies – licensing, joint ventures, channels
  • Launch campaigns- aligned to achieving stated objectives

Regardless of where you are in the new product development process, we can offer strategic advice that will ensure you get the right result.