Social Influencers and Collaboration

“People influence people.”Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder of Facebook.

Collaborating with “social influencers” has become a very successful tool in building brand exposure. These social influencers are individuals or groups that have a strong existing following that businesses can take advantage of. There are different levels of social influencers available to businesses, the key is to find those that are best aligned with the desired brand image and are most likely to attract the target market.

Finding the right fit of influencers can take time; Evolve Marketing has the experience in developing criteria suited to a brand to ensure that this process can be done efficiently and effectively. We look at all factors, including age, demographics of the audience, style of posts, and level of reach throughout posts. Our social influencer contacts are applicable to various industries, products, services and brands, ranging through beauty, fashion, lifestyle, family, food, education and more.

Riley Diary (Social Influencer) x Spencil